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Mail Inquiries or Donations to: Association of Disciple Musicians ,  % Disciples Home Missions,  PO Box 1986,  Indianapolis, IN 46206  or  call 317-713-2652. 

General Office, Disciples Home Missions
Lonna Owens

Ann Marie MoyersMinistry Associate, Disciples Home Missions
Anne Marie Moyars
 Brenda Hagedon
 ADM President: Brenda Hagedon
KatrinaCochran small
Past ADM President: Katrina Cochran

The Association of Disciple Musicians Council

President: Brenda Hagedon

President Elect: Brad Burham 

Treasurer: Beth Miller

Secretary: Carmen Bennett

Past President: Katrina Cochran

  • Class of 2024: Gina Anthon, Brenda Hagedon, Connie Ford, Claire Meredith
  • Class of 2025: Beth Miller, Brad Burnham, Carmen Bennett
  • Class of 2026: Jacob Miller, Carolyn Sargeant, Janie Jones

Council Nominees for the Class of 027

  • TBD

Support ADM!

ADM Membership Dues—supports the general operational needs for membership  $25  

You can help ADM well into the future by donating to the following funds:

  • ADM Vera Enz Fund—provides scholarships for both first and second time attendees
  • ADM Endowment Fund (established 1998) — provides annual income to underwrite the annual Workshop
  • Tom Wood ADM Worship Clinician Fund (established 1991) - provides $1,500 each year to support the cost of the worship clinician at the annual Conference
  • ADM Musicians Clinician Fund (established 2013) - will provide funds to support the clinicians for choral, handbells, organ, etc.  The current balance is approximately $20,000—income will be paid out when the fund reaches $40,000

If you wish to donate by check, mail it to Lonna Owens, DHM, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, 46206 indicating how you would like the money divided between the funds.

If you are over the age of 70 ½, consider making a gift from your IRA, tax-free.  If you wish to donate appreciated securities, contact Kirby Gould at , 816-665-8446.  Any other donation-related questions can be sent to Kirby as well.

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