January 2014 News

Check out the latest pdfnewsletter which includes a flyer you can use to print and post on church bulletin boards or forward to regional news publications.  Let's get the word out!

June Conference Reminders

Click here for the latest June 2013 Conference Reminders from Brad Burnham!

Register Now!

From the president - Shannon Moore:  Hey, y'all.   It is crunch time.  I know a lot of folks (including me) tend to procrastinate. If you haven't registered yet for ADM, please do!  There's a link right here on our website.

The HOTEL RATE ENDS JULY 1!!!  If you have booked your room already, make sure you told them you are with ADM.  If you haven't booked yet, PLEASE do so in the next day or two.

If you know people on the fence about coming...nudge them!  This conference is going to be phenomenal.  Top-notch clinicians, amazing worship experiences...something for everyone.  Don't miss it!!