June 2022 Newsletter

There has been a change for the organ clinician for the July 2022 conference.  Please read about the exciting news by clicking here.

April 2022 Newsletters

This month is full of news and there are 2 newsletters.  The first had more information on the conference and the second announces registration costs have been reduced by $50. 

November 2021 Newsletter

Thanks to the ADM Council for rounding up committments from our 2022 Conference Clinicians.  The ADM website has been updated to reflect the dates and Tulsa University as the location.  Please read more from Katrina Cochran and other announcements in this month's newsletter.

February 2021 Newsletter

You will find an update on this summer's conference in the February update.   

July 2020 Newsletter

We are all a bit sad that we aren't together this week.  Please read this newsletter for some information on how we can connect in the mean time as well as information about next year's conference.